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Sinkholes are sections or holes in the earth that form when the water sinks sediment into the fractures of the bedrock. The majority of the time, the soil in a sinkhole appears normal until a crucial volume of sediment underneath is washed away. Finally, when the soil covering can no longer support the weight, the soil collapses.

A sinkhole can appear after heavy flooding or downpours, and because of unpredictable rain patterns and the growing population and structures, sinkholes have become a common hazard in Florida. When dealing with a sinkhole, call us, as we have some of the best solutions at affordable rates. Compaction grouting, polyurethane foam is injected into the unfastened soil, solidifies the dirt around the spot and fills the gap, so there’s no longer a risk of the sediment collapsing. The foam expands quickly and compacts the surrounding earth, increasing power and stability to the land in that area. We also offer void filling solutions to fix more defined sinkholes, which last longer than some other typical mud jacking jobs.

Our staff is appropriately trained to perform almost all present methods of Gainesville sinkhole repair. We’ll be more than pleased to offer you permanent sinkhole remediation that’ll prevent damaging your Florida home and because we’re based in Gainesville, FL, we proudly serve both residential and commercial clients in the area and those surrounding it. With years of geotechnical knowledge, we have the best general contractors Gainesville FL clients can hire and we can tackle sinkhole problems you’re experiencing by devising a long-lasting solution. Contact us now to learn more.


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Sinkholes generally fall into one of two categories: cover subsidence or cover collapse. Cover subsidence sinkholes develop and slowly give warning in the form of a circular depression within the soil. On the other hand, cover-collapse sinkholes form quickly and with no warning signs, making them more threatening. In such instances, the subterranean sediment is easily swept away, producing a quick void that’ll cause the sediment cap to collapse, at times within only a couple of minutes. When you see signs of potential sinkholes, it is crucial to call us immediately before things worsen.

One of the more frequent techniques used by the most effective handyman Gainesville FL clients can hire is compaction grouting, which involves drilling right down into the bedrock and installing a cement-like content in the soil within the sinkhole to fill up in any splits and voids. Compaction grouting is utilized when sinkholes form on or near properties because it is a good technique for small spaces.

Repair techniques are different, and the best process to use depends mostly on your budget or the location of the sinkhole. The materials and methods required to fill in a tiny sinkhole in an outdoor or a rural area are much different from those required to restore a sinkhole in a block or beneath an occupied house or business in a very urbanized area. Regardless of where the sinkhole is, we can fix it. The two main objectives of sinkhole repair are:

  • Stabilizing the site, and
  • Preventing recurrence.

We have the most skilled general contractors Gainesville FL residents can work with and we will get deep into the cause of the sinkhole, identify what triggers it, and reduce additional soil settlement or sinking during the repair. As water is commonly the primary trigger, it’s essential to recognize and eliminate the source of the water that may be causing the sinkhole. It’s much better to establish the plug directly at the place on the bedrock drain. This enables the plug to remain in direct exposure to the bedrock, making a much better seal.

A sinkhole repair should effectively and quickly stabilize the area with little intrusion on the affected property. A correctly performed sinkhole repair job demands the technical knowledge that comes from considerable experience. Call us now because we are experts in dealing with sinkholes.